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domingo, 23 de maio de 2010

Valient Thorr - Discografia Comentada

Valient Thorr é uma banda estadunidense, de Chapel Hill, Carolina do Norte. A banda mistura um pouco de Hard Rock com um pouco de Stoner Rock mais pesado. O seu primeiro álbum tem um som de certa forma diferente dos outros, os meus preferidos são os dois últimos, mas todos são bons! cada um com uma pegada um pouco diferente. Segundo eles, a banda surgiu no planeta Vênus há milênios de anos e finalmente chegou na Terra para difundir seu som. O primeiro álbum, Stranded On Earth, é uma raridade, sendo que foram feitas somente mil cópias, feliz aquele que o possui original.
A banda atualmente é formada por Valient Himself (vocal), Eidan Thorr (guitarra), Sadat Thorr (guitarra), Dr. Professor Nitewolf Strangees (baixo) e Lucian Thorr (bateria). Essa banda é um pouco "viajada", não tenho muito o que falar pois é meio complicado de encontrar informação sobre ela, eu a conheci recentemente por sugestão de um amigo e gostei muito, recomendo.

 Stranded On Earth (2003)

01 - One Tuff Customer
02 - Bigger Badder
03 - Radiation
04 - Time Zone
05 - The Apprentice
06 - Don’t Stop
07 - Stuck
08 - Running The Gauntlet
09 - Swallows Of Love
10 - Walk On Wine
11 - Stranded On Earth
12 - Ballad Of The Morning Star


 Total Universe Man (2005)

01 - Prologue - Civil Blood Makes Civil Hands Unclean
02 - Showdown
03 - Palm Reader
04 - Man Behind the Curtain
05 - Intermission - Thesis of Infinite Measure
06 - I Am the Law
07 - Sticks and Stones
08 - Intermission - Theme from 6th Grade Watercolor
09 - Hijackers
10 - We Believe in Science
11 - Tough Customer
12 - Blow Up the Pyramid


 Legend Of The World (2006)

01 - Heetseeker
02 - Rezerection
03 - Exit Strategy
04 - Lime Green Net
05 - Stormstris
06 - Goveruptcy
07 - False Profits
08 - Triceratops
09 - Fall of Pangea
10 - Problem Solver
11 - Con Science
12 - Har Megiddo


 Immortalizer (2008)

01 - I Hope the Ghosts of the Dead Haunt Yr Soul Forever
02 - Infinite Lives
03 - Mask of Sanity
04 - Tomorrow Police
05 - No Holds Barred
06 - Parable of Daedalus
07 - Birdhead Looking at Goldenhands
08 - Vernal Equinox
09 - 1000 Winters in a Row
10 - Red Flag
11 - Nomadic Sacrifice
12 - Steeplechase
13 - Tackle the Walrus
14 - Track 14


 Stranger (2010)

01 - Gillionaire
02 - Sleeper Awakes
03 - Disappearer
04 - Double Crossed
05 - Night Terrors
06 - Suddendeathisnothing
07 - Woman In The Woods
08 - Visionquest
09 - Habituary
10 - The Recognition
11 - Without Hope Without Fear
12 - Futurehumans


 Our Own Masters (2013)

01 - Immaculate Consumption
02 - Master Collider
03 - Manipulation
04 - No Strings Attached
05 - Life Hands You Demons
06 - Torn Apart
07 - Cerberus
08 - Good News Bad News
09 - Insatiable
10 - Crowdpleaser
11 - Nervous Energy
12 - Call Off The Dogs


6 comentários:

  1. please take these links down. We appreciate that you like our music, but this is theft. It really is the only way a small band can make a living. Please encourage others to buy these albums instead of steal them. thank you,
    valient himself.

  2. Valient, please consider that for a huge ammount of people it's impossible to get your music legally. Here in Brazil for example, we can't buy music on iTunes and your CDs aren't for sale. Also, for example, Stranded On Earth is a rarity now since only 1000 copies were made. I do support the bands I like, I do buy their music, but sometimes (and that's one of these times) this is just impossible. So, there's no way for us to support your band, and it's not our fault and I really don't think we should be punished (and the punishment would be not to be able to appreciate your art) for something we aren't guilty of.

  3. ok, leave them up. I understand what you are saying and we are not a greedy band. I would love for more people to hear our message, and I do not care about money. Haha, that should be apparent, in that we can't even afford apartments. It is unfortunate that we have not been able to come to South America yet. We have not met the right promoter to bring us there, but someday soon, we will come and play all over Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, and beyond. I hope you aren't offended that I asked to remove them, but there is SO much music in the states, that most people have the music, but NEVER pay for it. Thank you for supporting us, and we hope to see you soon.
    Valient Himself

  4. Thanks for understanding our point, Valient :)

    We love your band and if one day I have the opportunity to buy your albums I won't hesitate to do so, because your band is one of the best ones nowadays, one of the few that still play real music instead of crap like Justin Bieber.

  5. and my God, u're such a cool guy by letting us enjoy your songs Valient! I hope that you guyz become a really big band and come play to us! And I can't wait to have your albums when they come to Brazil! Peace!

  6. Thanks for the links and the music, i'm from Chile and is the same of Brazil, we can't haver your music in a legal way, like buying it. I love to buy music and i love the originals records and not simply megas on my pc, thanks for understand that Thorr, and thanks to the page too, thank you very much